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Hypothyroidism Solutions

An Overview of Hypothyroidism
Hypothyroidism is a problem for many people in Springfield.  It is a condition in which your thyroid does not make enough thyroid hormone, causing a multitude of health issues. In healthy people, the thyroid makes hormones that control the way in which their body uses energy. However, those with hypothyroidism lack the energy to complete daily tasks. This article from Advanced Medical Weight Loss Center should be helpful in understanding this real problem.

What is the Hypothyroidism Patient Profile?
Hypothyroidism impacts patients across all age groups and health levels. However, older adults are more susceptible to the condition. Women over the age of 60 are at the highest risk of getting hypothyroidism, and patients are more likely to get the disease when it runs in their family.

What is the Diagnosis Process for Hypothyroidism?

To diagnose hypothyroidism, medical teams must go through several processes. The medical specialist will ask the patient questions about their symptoms, and they will also conduct a physical exam to analyze the condition of the patient’s body. To confirm their diagnosis of hypothyroidism, the medical professional will do a simple blood test which will detail whether the thyroid hormone level is too low.

What is the Leading Cause of Hypothyroidism?

Many people are curious on the condition that caused their hypothyroidism. The most common cause is a medical issue known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, in which the body’s immune system begins to attack the tissue in the thyroid. When this happens, the gland cannot make enough of the thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism can also be caused by viral infections, and the use of drugs such as lithium. In some cases, cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy may be diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

What are the Symptoms to Watch For?

For those concerned they may have hypothyroidism, it’s important to be vigilant and to review the symptoms of the condition carefully. The following are potential signs of hypothyroidism:

●    Thinning hair
●    Feeling tired
●    Constipation
●    Dry skin
●    Increased sensitivity to cold
●    Body temperature below 98.7 degrees
●    Memory problems

It’s important to seek out treatment immediately if you or someone you know experiences one or more of these symptoms. The earlier the problem is diagnosed, the greater the treatment prognosis for the patient. Sometimes, these signs might be missed at the earliest stages, and so testing is recommended for the following groups of people:
●    Adults over 60
●    Pregnant women
●    People with arthritis or diabetes
●    People with a family history of thyroid issues

Effective treatment is now available for hypothyroidism. To learn more about the condition or to book testing through a specialist, contact our trusted team at Advanced Medical Weight Loss Center today.

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